• Maya Valdivia

Despite being originally designed for children, Kids.Gov has grown into an excellent resource for children, teachers, and parents, alike. Created, this website is the number one portal for kids for the United States Government. This authentic site offers visitors an immense amount of information and services on the internet from government-based agencies, educational facilities, organizations, and institutions that are created to appeal to the interests and learning levels of children within the nation. The website is organized in four distinct groups – children up to grade 5, teenagers, teachers, and parents. When you visit the “Parents” tab, for example, you will see numerous subcategories. These include “Online Safety”, “Math”, “Money”, “Health and Safety” and several others. As a parent, you have the ability to learn about everything from the art form of the video gaming industry to resources that help improve a child’s overall health, such as vaccines. To visit the parent portal of, click on the following link today:

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