Improving people’s lives is only possible when we all work together and give from our heart by volunteering our time for the right cause. The staff of Healthfair Foundation are available to volunteer to serve the organizations who benefit the community through their innovative work.


Healthfair Foundation organizes campaigns that benefit the health and well being of various communities. From school healthfair events to food drive campaigns for the needy and the underserved.

 “Changing one life is equivalent to changing the world"


Healthfair Foundation continues to give monetary support to  non for profit organizations that make a difference in people’s lives. From organizations that treat children with cancer to those providing shelter for the elderly and abused.


Recognizing that thousands of capable children often choose not to continue their higher education past high school due to lack of resources, our foundation has setup a college education fund to assist high school children with expenses associated with attending the college or university of their choice. The education fund can help with the housing, tuition and books. This fund is designed to assist high school children that have maintained an average of B during the last three years of High School and are ready to enter college or University. The amount of assistance will depend on each students needs, and financial situation.