Dear Friends 

Having owned my own for profit businesses for more than a quarter of century, I am very familiar with the words frustration and disappointment. After retiring from running my own businesses all my life, I was very excited about the prospects of starting a non for profit organization to help make life better for kids. To my surprise I soon developed the same sense of disappointment and frustration as I began to get more and more involved with the dire needs of the children. In the world of business the owner is constantly frustrated with creating sufficient demand for its products and services to keep the company profitable and everyone employed. In the non for profit world the  frustration is switched to insufficient supply to help everyone. I soon realized that there simply is not enough resources to help everyone and given the limited resources you have to go through the painful process of prioritization  
When you can only send 6 to 10 boxes of medical supplies every month to a country that has no hospital supplies, you begin to feel the pain of the kids waiting for non existent medical supplies. When more than one million kids are refugees of war that are living in poor conditions with no support to go school or to take care of themselves you hurt inside. When young girls are abducted and sold in l human trafficking operations you will loose hope.  When you see the statistics of more than a quarter of children in Central Florida  live below poverty level, often going to bed without food , tears begin to roll down your cheeks . In the world of charity ,simply  the demands are far greater than supplies . Soon after recognizing that I swapped my frustrations from one side of the equation to the other ,I realized that there is no choice but to push hard and strong and be relentless in bringing the necessary attention to the children’s dire needs . I was  pleasantly surprised to find out that there are  a tremendous number of great organizations and individuals willing, ready and able to help and that I was not alone in   my journey . I soon recognized that we should not allow the size of the problem scare us away and that even if we cannot take care of all the needs that exists ,we can certainly make a  difference in the lives of those who are affected and that more importantly ,we can make a difference  by creating a model for others to follow.
Please take a moment and see in more details the type of organizations and programs we support and donate to our various causes or sign up to volunteer at our events . If enough people like you and me join hands and do what we do , maybe someday there will be no more problems affecting any child anywhere. That is our ultimate goal.