About Us

Healthfair Foundation is an organization dedicated to improving the quality of lives for the less fortunate families living within our community. Our goal is accomplished by teaming up with efficient and effective organizations that are already active within the communities and are making a difference. Our support comes in the form of additional funding, expert advice and mentoring, and volunteer manpower.

"If there is any true measure of man by what he does, it must be by what he gives"

- Robert South

Our Mission

Our mission is to to make a positive impact on people’s lives by  supporting various organizations that are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of children and families. This support is in all forms of financial, expert advice, collaboration and volunteering.


Our Vision

We accomplish our mission by teaming up with, and supporting many organizations dedicated to solving difficult social issues within our communities. From improving children's healthcare and quality education to fighting hunger, poverty and homelessness. Our vision is to become a reliable resource to many organizations that are already doing a great job in making an impact in these critical areas. We deploy additional resources such as funding, expert knowledge and volunteer manpower to these organizations to help them accomplish their goals and expand their reach.

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